These Baby Bunnies Love to Dance!


Baby Bunnies and their Mamas!

Do You Like Our New Country Set?

Bunny Disco - Country One Last Time

The baby bunnies have been dancing every Saturday night here, and over at their dancing site

But, unfortunately, these babies are getting all grown up and it’s time for them to move on to new homes. So the BunnyDisco is shutting down. That’s the bad news.

The good news is… the Bunny Disco will return! But first, there’s the matter of an expectant Mama needing a place to have her babies.

So, Saturday, July 21st at 9pm Eastern, we’ll have one last go ‘round the dance floor with another Country Hoedown before the babies move on.

Then, as time approaches, by early August we think, the dance floor / country set will be transformed into a nursery. Of course, this is all streaming LIVE here.

And when those new babies start to show some moves - the BunnyDisco will return!

Thanks for watching our babies. And enjoy the show!

Bunny Disco!

Join us Saturday, June 30th at 9pm for our first Bunny Disco Party! Music, lights, and bunnies on the dance floor.

BunnyCam is LIVE!

Hi folks!

Our BunnyCam is back up, after such a long absence. We have 5 baby bunnies, along with their Mama, Mama Ernie.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Please stay tuned for updates here.

New Baby Bunnies!

Mama Mush, and father Spencer for Hire have had babies! There are 4 lil’ ones currently on the live cam. Enjoy!

Live Nativity Moved to Church due to Weather

Unfortunately, our planned Live Nativity in the barnyard at Cabin Creek Acres has been moved to a new location, the Quaker Springs United Methodist Church. This is where everyone was going to gather before coming to the farm, so please join us at the church.

Our barnyard friends won’t make it this year. We’re expecting sleet and rain and mush all day and that just wouldn’t make for a pleasant event. We hope to see you at the church, enjoy the nativity, songs and snacks with all of us! See you there!

(Eastern Standard Time)

5am - 9am : "Coffee & Carrots Morning Show"
Get your day off to a great start with your host "Spencer for Hire." Grab a carrot and a cup o' joe and prepare for the day ahead!

9am - 12noon : "Hop & Kick for Good Health"
Get up from your desk, and hop and kick along with Spencer for Hire! A little exercise keeps this bunny going strong - and you too!

12noon - 4pm : "Opinionated Bunny : Rants from the Rabbit"
Rumble, grumble. Even a good bunny gets irritated. Spenser for Hire comments on the world around him, all 10 acres of it.

4pm - 7pm : "Rush Hour Rabbit"
A little relaxin' with the rabbit before you head out into traffic. Ahhhhh.... HONK!!

7pm - 10pm : "Prime-Time Bunny Funnies"
It's sunset, and prime-time for bunnies! When the sun goes down, and the air cools off, rabbits get feisty!

10pm - 1am : "Wide-Awake with Spencer for Hire"
It's not time to go to bed, not yet! Spencer for Hire is still up and hopping in the night-time air.

1am - 5am : "Bunny Pajama Party"
What is that bunny up to, in the middle of the night? Why, it's a Bunny Pajama Party!

*Shows times and activities completely dependent on the mood and whims of "Spencer for Hire."

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