These Baby Bunnies Love to Dance!


Bunny Funtacular

A Special BunniesForBabies event. 14 baby bunnies, live BunnyCam, lots of fun and lots of sun!

Shortly before 12noon, Mama Mush's and Mama Circus Circus' babies were placed into 2 separate areas, separated by a gate. Hopefully, at noon, the gate would open, and the bunnies from the "green room" would hop across the opening and into the Funtacular play area.
Bunny faces bunny from behind the safety of the playpen fencing.
We put kerchiefs on the bunnies to identify them, and make sure they went back to the proper Mama at the end of the event.
When 12 noon hit, the gate was opened. Dramatically, the bunnies... did nothing.
With a little encouragement, the bunnies were placed together into the Official Bunny Funtacular Arena!
And, we're they thrilled. With the sun set at HIGH NOON, the bunnies dove for shade.
Unfortunately for Bunny Control, who was running the cameras, the sun was not merciful. By the end of the day, he'd be a lobster.
When we added the Bunny Condo to the Arena, the babies scampered inside and went to sleep. Obviously, starting a Funtacular for nocturnal animals at 12 noon wasn't the brightest idea.

The BunnyCam was live, and we were wondering if our big event would end up being a bust.

Also New!

Just added to BunniesforBabiesTV - Commercial for Samsung featuring bunnies working out, hamsters at the movies and an evil hedgehog. Also, a kitten rides a turntable.

That, and over a half-hour of funny animal videos are playing now on our Video page.

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