These Baby Bunnies Love to Dance!


Bunny Funtacular

A Special BunniesForBabies event. 14 baby bunnies, live BunnyCam, lots of fun and lots of sun!

High Noon made way for Partly Cloudy and a breeze kicked in. Slowly, the bunnies emerged from the basement of the Bunny Condo and started to explore the Arena. When the sun did pop out, bunnies flew into the hollow logs, or under the shade we put up for them, or back into the Condo.
As you can see, the two clans bonded nicely. We wouldn't need to break up any fights all day.
A favorite area, both in the Arena, and in the Rabbitats are the hollow logs. Sometimes it's a contest to see how many babies will fit inside. Other times, one or two of them will claim the space as their own.
As the hours went by, the bunnies hopped around the Arena, played in the logs, tromped over the bridge and nibbled nibbled nibbled on the freshly cut grash. Nom nom nom.
For 6 hours, the bunnies played together. People were gathered nearby for the holiday BBQ, and a few bunnies made personal appearances. One of the bunnies may even be heading to a new home in a few weeks - they are too cute to resist.
During the entire event, Mama bunnies watched from nearby rest areas. While the bunnies played, the Mamas got to relax!
Also during the Funtacular, viewers had a preview of our newest BunnyCam stars - Mama Dolly and her triplets. They took up residence in the Rabbitat after the event.
When the Funtacular ended, Mama Mush, Mama Circus Circus and their kids went off to another part of Cabin Creek Acres. They now enjoy lots of fresh air and hay all day long, with other bunnies on the farm - including Mama Useless!

Thank you for tuning in to the Bunny Funtacular that day - we hope you enjoyed the show!

Also New!

Just added to BunniesforBabiesTV - Commercial for Samsung featuring bunnies working out, hamsters at the movies and an evil hedgehog. Also, a kitten rides a turntable.

That, and over a half-hour of funny animal videos are playing now on our Video page.

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