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Bunnies Photo Shoot - and Mamas Say "Try That Again, Bub"

It was a nice warm day, and the babies were moving around alot, starting to explore. So, we thought it’d be a good day for the babies to have their pictures taken. Well...

First up were Mama Mush’s kids. Mama Bonnie, caretaker of the animals at Cabin Creek Acres, had set up a little area for the bunnies to crawl around on. They were carefully taken from the nesting box and placed on the new set.

The babies immediately started peeing. And the set was ruined. So, they were put on a nice piece of stuffing, they started piling up on each other, and tried to go to sleep. We took a few pictures, then put the babies back into the nesting box, then back in the habitat - mama1where Mama Mush was waiting. And she wasn’t happy.

We stepped away from the irritated mama, and went over to see Mama Circus Circus. She apparently had been paying attention to the goings on, and put her paws down. mama2

Again, carefully, the nesting box was removed from the habitat, and Mama Circus Circus’ kids were placed on their set. They also peed.

Still, we managed to get a few cute photos and they are up in the gallery. We also got some of their adventure on video - go to this link at YouTube to see it. babies2babies3

The babies were returned to Mama Circus Circus, and all went back to normal in the habitats. The babies are starting to leave the cover of the fur and hay, and you can see them crawling around, and starting to open their eyes with the BunnyCam.

New Camera, New Habitat

Mama Circus Circus got spoiled today. She and her babies moved into a more spacious habitat. It’s a bit bare, but the babies don’t mind at the moment - they are too cozy hiding in the hay and fur. The decorators should arrive soon to make it more homey.

We also installed the new high-quality camera in the new habitat. Getting both cameras to work nicely together was like pulling teeth, but it looks successful (at the moment).

In the next few days, you should start to see more of the babies, as they open their eyes and start exploring. You can already see hints of fur on them, and they’re getting chubby. The Mamas must be feeding them right, although we have no idea when it occurs.

New Blurry Photos and a Video of the Babies

Who was it that said you shouldn’t work with animals?

Yes, we have some photos of the new babies from both Mama Mush and Mama Circus Circus. But, honestly, they aren’t that good. The babies are hiding under the fur, keeping warm while their own fur grows in.

And, protective mothers are nearby, waiting for careless humans to make a wrong move. So we have the best photos possible under strenuous conditions. We’ll put more photos into the galleries as the Mamas allow.

Plus, a video awaits you on YouTube - it’s Mama Circus Circus’ babies in living color! Here’s the link!

2, 2, 2 Cameras at Once!

We’ve been able to add another camera to our feed, so you can see the babies of both Mama Mush and Mama Circus Circus, when they start to pop out from under the fur and hay. The quality of the second camera is pretty poor, so another camera has been ordered and should be installed by Wednesday at the latest.

We’re able to cycle between the two cameras every 30 seconds with the help of Mike from That’s why you see the Vidblaster logo in the corner. Believe you me, we’ve search up and down for a program that would do this, and so far, it’s been living up to expectations. Our feed still goes through Ustream too.

Behind the scenes, there are plans for more decorative changes to the habitats as well. Plus, we think we have a count on the number of babies, but they keep moving around so we’re not sure yet. They all look healthy and are eating well too. We still haven’t seen feeding time on the camera yet - the Mamas seem to know when no one is looking.

We hope you’re enjoying the babies as much as we are!

Meanwhile... Mama Circus Circus has her babies too!

Off camera, but nearby, Circus Circus earned her “Mama” title just a few hours after Mama Mush.

Mama Circus Circus, in a short time when no one was looking, delivered her batch o’ babies. They are also buried in the hay and fur blanket, keeping warm.

Mama Mush has babies!

Mush has been granted the title of “Mama” - our newest star beat the countdown clock by several hours when she delivered her batch o’ baby bunnies this morning. It happened so fast, it caught everyone behind the scenes off guard.

The babies are in the hay and under the fur blanket that Mama Mush made for them, to keep them warm. We’re not yet sure how many babies there are. Stay tuned for updates!

Introducing MUSH!

Meet Mush, the newest star on the BunnyCam. She’s white, with caramel marking on her face.

Some say her face is squished a bit, and that’s why her name is Mush.

Wee Woof Woof - POP!

Now, that’s a tiny dog! Click to follow the link to a very tiny chihuahua.

And, here’s a dog that stood a little too close to the sink while dishes were getting done.

Brrrrrrrr Rabbits

Cabin Creek Acres is located in the great northeast. It still gets pretty cold here, so our fuzzy friends are enjoying their extra-long stay inside while we wait for the weather to cooperate. The bunnies may have lots of fur, but we don’t want them to be mad at us if they go outside a little too soon.

Looks like we’ll be installing the new camera on Saturday, so don’t be surprised if we go off the air for a little bit.

New Camera on the Way had a sale - CLICK! We bought a new camera for the bunnies! We should have it running in a few days. It’s the best camera you can buy for camera-hogging, scenery-eating bunnies. Sheesh - Amazon has a category for EVERYTHING!

Wescued Wabbit!

CNN’s iReport has video of a rabbit being rescued from the flood waters of south Georgia. This little guy was trapped on some floating debris until some helpful humans decided to take him to safety.

A New Home for Bunny

Caitlyn and Rainbow Dash We told you recently that one of our babies left Cabin Creek Acres for a new home. We’re pleased to report that Rainbow Dash is very happy with his new home and new friend Caitlyn. We just received some pictures of them together that we’d like to share with you - go to our gallery!

Useless Keeps Us Hoppin'

News from the field...
In case you were wondering about Mama Useless, the mother of our three stars, not to worry. She is having a blast with the other bunnies on Cabin Creek Acres. She’s even met a special friend and they enjoy hanging out together as much as possible.

Changes Coming to the Site

We have some big changes happening to the site.
First, our original plan for a special Easter presentation has been cancelled. We weren’t going to do that much, but we have to put the bunnies first. We need to move our current bunny stars into the bunny condos, located on Cabin Creek Acres. Our three stars are making room for 2 other bunnies, who may be providing us with some little surprises in the days ahead.
Say good-bye to the babies! They’ve grown so much in such a short time!
You may also have noticed that the camera is not as good as it was last week. Well, that’s because one of our two good cameras has bit the dust. We can’t put the really good camera in with the bunnies, as they like to smack it around, so we’re using a back up camera for now. We’ll see what we can do for a better camera soon.

Galleries are up

There’s a revised gallery with lots of photos now.

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