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Fred and Peter Rabbit?

One of our viewers is checking in on Fred and Peter, previous guests of Cabin Creek Acres. So, where the heck are they?!

We’ll let Mama Bonnie, the caretaker of Cabin Creek Acres tell the tale:

Fred and Peter moved into a larger home with two little girls to play with, friends of mine. They are happy and healthy having each other and being “top buns.” I will try to get some new pictures.

Other bunnies, some of the past bunnycam stars, have moved on to new homes as well. We hope their new families will drop us a note, and send a picture!

Dear Me, Those are Funny Looking Bunnies

It took a while, but we’ve got the camera back up and some new stars!

Sheep!!! There are 5 of these smiley-faced sheep on our cam. They love it hide in their little farmhouse during the day. But when the sun goes down, they hop outside into the yard, butting heads as they play together.

Just an FYI - the camera is not perfect yet. We’ve been working on how to get the camera system outside, weather-proofed, with a good antenna for the wifi. Yes, the sheep have wifi in their yard. The donkey, who lives in the next barn over on Cabin Creek Acres... is miffed. No wifi for the donkey.

Turns out that most webcams are made for indoors, where the lighting is bad. So when the camera goes outside into great light - it gets blown out. FLASH! So we’re working on that issue - the picture doesn’t look as good as we want just yet.

Also, we’re waiting for our next big rain to test the weather-proofing of the system. We’re not that anxious to see the system go BLAMMO from a little rain. If it does, it won’t affect the sheep. So keep watching as we improve on the SheepCam.

So, what about the bunnies??? Well, many have gone off to new homes, and others are in their bunny condos elsewhere on Cabin Creek Acres. We aren’t expecting new baby bunnies for a while, that’s why we’ve set up the SheepCam.

More updates to come, here and at our Twitter.

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