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Here are the Latest Updates about the Bunnies and our Web Site.

Spoiled Star!

”Spencer for Hire,” the magical bunny, has moved into the rabbitat. The babies have grown up and been moved to other parts of Cabin Creek Acres. And, yes, there are bunnies available for adoption from the farm. If you’re interested in letting one of our stars become a part of your family, and you’re in the area (Saratoga Springs, NY - ish), then fill out the contact form and drop us a line.

Spencer occasionally leaves the rabbitat to join “Skeeter,” an area performer in his magical shows. Pull a Spencer out of your hat??? POOF!

Skeeter and Spencer will be performing at a local church event in early August. Details are in a previous posting. You do read all our postings, right?

Magic Bunny and Webcam Changes

magic bunny

This little bunny is “Spencer for Hire,” and he’s the hardest working bunny in show business. Spencer appears in magic shows performed by “Skeeter.” We have a gallery of photos with Skeeter and Spencer at the Saratoga Race Track from last year.
magician and bunny

This magical couple entertains crowds with magic and antics, and will be appearing Saturday, August 7th at a special event at the Quaker Springs United Methodist Church. This event will also feature some of our furry friends from Cabin Creek Acres ( and Bunnies for Babies in a Noah’s Ark Petting Zoo. The magic show starts at 1:30pm in the sanctuary.

You can find out more about the old church in Quaker Springs, near the Saratoga National Battlefield in Upstate New York by going to

Spencer for Hire is also taking over the Bunnycams. This spoiled star will be taking over the rabbitat that our current bunnies are in, as they move to other locations on Cabin Creek Acres. Yes, bunnies are available for adoption. If you are in the Saratoga region of New York, drop us a note with your contact information and Mama Bonnie will tell you all about the bunnies we have available for adoption.

The current bunnies move out and Spencer for Hire moves in on Thursday, July 29th. We’re sure he will spend his time meditating and practicing his magic for the upcoming show. Don’t be surprised if he suddenly disappears - POOF!

Oh, we’re reposted our Wallpapers for your Mac or PC screens. There are 2 wallpapers available, sized at 1024x768.

We’ve changed the location of our webcam stream to a new “channel” on Ustream. If you watch us via our website, you don’t need to do anything.

But, if you like to use Ustream directly, you’ll find Spencer here:

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