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Spencer for Hire in the Newspaper!

spencer news Well well well. Look whose getting all the attention these days. It’s “Spencer for Hire,” the magical bunny. As if he wasn’t spoiled enough!

Spencer appeared with Skeeter the magician for his second year at the Saratoga Race Course, in Saratoga Springs, New York. As you might now, Skeeter comes by Cabin Creek Acres every once in a while, waves a magic wand, and borrows Spencer for his act. No carrying cage required, Spencer just poofs into his sleeve, or hat, or whatever else he’s supposed to be in - kind of freaks us out a bit actually.

So, the local paper writes up a story about low turnout at the famous race track, and the first photo they illustrate the story with has a bunny in it. That’s odd. But after a month of horse pictures, I guess they wanted variety. And, try as he might, I don’t think Skeeter can pull a horse out of his sleeve.

Click to read the story. When there, click on the picture to see the whole thing.

A Friend Named Joey

You may have noticed a certain ducky someone sharing the webcam with Spencer for Hire. That’s “Joey.”

Remember “Friends?” Well, Joey the character on the show had a call duck, hence the name of our duck.

No picture in this post - but we’ll have some up at some point. Web guy is hardly working... hard at work, we mean. Yep. Hard at work.

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