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Oct 2008

Camera Crazy???

The camera is automatic, and is supposed to track the bunnies. Please let us know what you think of it. Do you like having the camera track their movements, or does it just drive you nuts?
E-mail us and let us know!

What Happened??!?!?

What happened to
Well, just after we started the site, the computer’s hard drive crashed and wiped it out. That’ll learn ya. Always back up.
We lost a lot of the pictures we had taken, which is a bad thing. But, we still have all the video we shot. Eventually, we’ll get that up on the site.
Please be patient as we kick ourselves into gear once again.

The BunnyCam is LIVE!

The Bunnycam is live!
Our featured furry friends are Jack and Fred. They are kinda large, not quite babies anymore.
Fred and Peter are the best of friends - most of the time.
Our BunnyCam is powered by Stickam. We’re still testing this service and its reliability.
To see the bunnies in a larger window, just click on the magnifying glass in the viewer.
Please e-mail us with your questions and comments. Thank you!

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