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Wha?? WHA??!! No Bunnies??!?!

Dum Dum DUMMMM!!!!

It’s not a big mystery - we know where the bunnies went. Some of them are still on Cabin Creek Acres, in their own little condos. Others have been picked up by their new friends and gone off the new homes. Over the next few days, we expect to see a few more leave. Sigh.

We hope that their new families will share pictures with us like some folks have - it’s nice to see what’s become of our fuzzy friends.

We weren’t expecting the triplets to stay outside, but the weather has gotten much better, and the babies really, really, really wanted to stay out in the sunshine, so they moved away from the BunnyCam a bit sooner than we planned.

So, what to do! What do we do with a BunnyCam that doesn’t have any baby bunnies to show? Well, we have a few ideas, and over the next week or so, we’re going to try to move the camera setup into the great outdoors, to a new location on Cabin Creek Acres. With NEW stars!

So, the BunnyCam won’t be a BunnyCam, as our new stars aren’t bunnies. That’s all we can say for now. Cross your fingers that the camera cooperates!

For bunny fans, stay tuned - we do expect to introduce new baby bunnies at some point in the future.

Thank you all for being such great fans - our little camera has about 9,000 views since we started, and that’s pretty awesome. Thanks.

Fuzzy Goes for a Hop!


Bunnies like to hop outside... and hop and hop and hop... until you can’t keep up with them anymore! So, how do you let a bunny hop, but make sure she stays safe? A Bunny Harness and Leash!

We received some photos of one of our previous BunnyCam stars, now named Fuzzy, and her special friend Veronica out for a hop. Fuzzy loves to take her friends outside as she explores the yard. It’s up to the humans to keep up with her!

The first time wasn’t that easy, as Fuzzy slipped out of the harness that was too loose and went hopping away! Fuzzy let the humans catch her, when she was good and ready to go back inside, and when her belly was full of fresh grass.

It’s good to hear from our “fuzzy” friends from their new homes!

Caili Has a New Home!


There’s a new home for one of our former stars, and this time we’ll let the one of the bunnie’s new friends tell the tale.

Mandy says: “Our little girl has finally given us her name. We are naming her Caili, which is Irish for party or celebration. As soon as she was comfortable, she started to explore her new home and it was a bit of a party to try to catch her and get her back in her hutch. She was very fast and knew where to hop to that was hard for us to catch her. She is settling in well. She is eating and drinking with no problems. She seems to like hopping around our couch blankets and watching TV with us. Once again, thank you so much for our wonderful Caili.”

What a happy ending! We’ve had a few of our fuzzy friends go off to new homes lately, and we love to hear how well they are becoming part of another family.

Upcoming Changes

There’s bound to be some broken hearts over the next few weeks.

The babies are growing up so fast. A few more of our previous cast are heading off to new homes this weekend. It’s always sad to see the babies leave, but we like getting pictures of the babies and their new friends in their new homes.

The triplets are sticking around on camera for a little while longer - they aren’t old enough to leave Cabin Creek Acres just yet. But, Mama Dolly will be heading back out into the fresh air as they babies learn to take care of themselves. The triplets will eventually head outside as well.

That will leave the BunnyCam without bunnies to cam over for a while. What to do!?!

Well, we have some new friends arriving shortly to Cabin Creek Acres, and we think they will be fun to watch too. They always have a smile on their face, and you will too.

Stay tuned!

Izzaboo Has a New Home!


Another bunny has gone off to a new home. This one, one of Mama Mush’s kids, was picked up and immediately spoiled by new friend Charisse. They met during the Bunny Funtacular, and that little bunny was destined to leave for a new home just a short time later.

They are sure to have lots of great times together!

Bunny Funtacular Recap - What Fun! What Sun!


The Bunny Funtacular was on May 23, 2009. During this live BunnyCam event, 14 baby bunnies played in the grass, while 3 Mama bunnies watched over them. Over 6 hours of fun in the sun! There’s just too much action to cover in a standard posting, so we have a special page, video and gallery for the Bunny Funtacular! Just.... follow the link!

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