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Jul 2012

Bunny Disco - Country One Last Time

The baby bunnies have been dancing every Saturday night here, and over at their dancing site

But, unfortunately, these babies are getting all grown up and it’s time for them to move on to new homes. So the BunnyDisco is shutting down. That’s the bad news.

The good news is… the Bunny Disco will return! But first, there’s the matter of an expectant Mama needing a place to have her babies.

So, Saturday, July 21st at 9pm Eastern, we’ll have one last go ‘round the dance floor with another Country Hoedown before the babies move on.

Then, as time approaches, by early August we think, the dance floor / country set will be transformed into a nursery. Of course, this is all streaming LIVE here.

And when those new babies start to show some moves - the BunnyDisco will return!

Thanks for watching our babies. And enjoy the show!

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