These Baby Bunnies Love to Dance!


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A BIG HELLO to Elijah and His Friends!

BunniesforBabies welcomes Elijah and his classmates to our site.
You will need to look carefully for the babies - they are keeping warm under the fur and hay bed that mother “Useless” made for her kids.
The babies look like little piggies now, they don’t have any hair yet. So the bed keeps them warm.
Useless also stays nearby, to keep them warm, to feed them, and to keep them safe. You might see her blocking the camera.

Before you know it, these babies will be hopping around on their own. Come back soon and watch them grow!


There are new babies, born to “Useless,” the mother that had only a single baby last year.
Now, Useless is the mother of 4 big babies. They are just hours old, and under fur and hay, staying warm.
The camera is on, but the babies will probably be out of sight for at least a few days, until they decide to go exploring. One of them seems curious already.

Are Babies on the Way???

It’s possible... just possible... that some new baby bunnies are on the way. We have a due date, IF it’s going to happen, of January 24th. Keep watching the site. We’ll put cameras up on the new bunnies as soon as they arrive. IF they arrive.

Darn Computer!!!

We had some troubles with the connection to the internet, so the BunnyCam was off for some time. It’s back now, and just in time!

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