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Magic Bunny!

magic bunny

This little bunny went on a magical adventure to the Saratoga Race Course. A local magician, from Skeeter Entertainment Company, needed a furry companion to pop up in his show. Well, this little bunny, Spencer for Hire, seemed to be perfect for the job.
magician and bunny

This magical couple entertained the many crowds of race goers over two days! Spencer didn't seem to tire of the attention, and apparantly is a great magician's assistant! POOF! He's going on another magical adventure soon! Click this link to see some photos from his adventure : Gallery XII - Magic Bunny.

Yep, these are some special bunnies here on Cabin Creek Acres.

Hello Rapidweaver Users! Plus, an Update! welcomes all our new viewers, courtesy of the link at

Many of you might have no idea what we're talking about. Well, our site was created on a program called RapidWeaver. Rapidweaved has a showcase of sites made with this program, and Bunnies was just added to it. Plus, we're a featured site! Thank you Rapidweaved!

So, we're walking around the barnyard at Cabin Creek with our heads held high, which is not a good thing to do when you're walking about a barnyard.

Just a short update for Bunnies fans. Mother Nature is still parked over with the goats "Hill & Bill" at Hill is really starting to show, and we're wondering if she's going to wait until October to have her babies. So, all the action is over at the Cabin Creek site.

Meanwhile, we've had a few bunnies leave us for new homes. We're hoping to get pictures from the families to post on the site. The remaining bunnies are being spoiled in their own Bunny Condos on the farm. A few have escaped, run around the farm for a few days, then they sit by their condo, waiting to be put back inside. That seems to put down any other escape attempts, for a while at least.

Keep checking in for updates - and visit all the friends on the farm at!

A Bunny Gets a Home, & Baby Gruffs

Hi Bunnies Fans!

We know there haven’t been many updates to the site recently. With no babies around, the bunny-specific news is slow these days. But, we do have some great news to report! One of Mama Useless’ babies has gone off to a new home. A 13 year old girl is now bestest friends with the bunny. We hope they send us some pictures and news in the near future.

We’ve also heard about other websites who are putting our site on their favorite links list. Thank you! Welcome to all our new viewers!

Mother Nature has moved her base of operations from the bunnies, for now, to another location on Cabin Creek Acres. New to the farm, a pair of goats, “Hill & Bill” - and they are expecting baby gruffs! We expect the babies to arrive sometime in October. To find out more about the goats, the lambs who appear on camera every day, and Puddles the donkey, head on over to

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