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Special Appearance - Mama Useless & One of Her BIG Babies

Them’s big bunnies.

You all remember Mama Useless. She and her babies were the stars of the BunnyCam just a short time ago. Well, we got a few shots of Useless and one of her babies during the Bunny Funtacular.

Looks like Baby takes after Mama. Aren’t they BIG! Mama Useless is the white bunny, and that HUGE tan one is one of those tiny babies. Let’s see... do we have a “before” picture?

My, how they grow!

Ladies & Gentlemen : A Change in the Program

After the Bunny Funtacular, there’s been a change to the program. The parts of “Cute Bunnies” will be played by Mama Dolly & her TRIPLETS.

Mama Mush, Mama Circus Circus and the 11 babies are heading off to another part of Cabin Creek Acres after their time in the spotlight.

We’re also working on a new set for the BunnyCam. It’s not yet ready, so please pardon the construction during remodeling.

TRIPLETS and Mama Dolly in the Yard


What a treat! Mama Dolly and her triplets got to hop around in the yard today! While habitat-maintenance was under way, (that’s cleaning to us), these lucky bunnies got to hop and crawl, maybe nibble, some green grass.

We’ll probably be seeing more of these look-alikes in the near future.

Maybe at the Bunny Funtacular on Saturday!



For some odd reason, some people think it’s a GOOD idea to invite thousands of bees onto their property. But those people aren’t trying to get their own honey supply.

Along with the other animals on Cabin Creek Acres, caretaker Mama Bonnie is out to corner the honey market with her hordez o’ buzzin’ beez. Is it fun? It’s the bee’s knees. All these animals must keep her rather... um.... beezy. Fun comes complete with a beekeeper outfit. We need to get a picture of that!

BUNNY FUNTACULAR! Saturday, May 23rd • 11 Baby Bunnies!!!

A Special Bunnies For Babies Event!

Mama Mush’s babies, and Mama Circus Circus’ babies - 11 bunnies total - will meet for the first time!

Saturday, at noon (eastern), the two sets of babies, who have lived in habitats near each other, will finally get outside, hop onto real grass and get to play together. What happens when you put 11 baby bunnies into a play area? It should be a blast!

When the time approaches, our cameras will switch over to our outside feed. We’ll keep you updated on events before they happen, so you won’t miss a thing. We’ll use onscreen messages and Twitter to post updates during the event.

We’ll even have a special guest or two!

Bunnies, toys, treats and real grass - these bunnies are going to be spoiled!

Mama Dolly and Her TRIPLETS!


We haven’t forgotten about Mama Dolly and her babies. In fact, these babies are TRIPLETS! They look so much alike! (Even if they do look a little like bats in these pictures. Eek!)

While Mama Mush and Mama Circus Circus and those kids are getting lots of camera time, Mama Dolly and her babies have a habitat the others envy. It’s three stories, and the babies are starting to hop up and down the ramps, getting faster and faster. Sometimes, these little ones get over-confident, and take the ramp a little too fast. Other times, they get a little scared and sit at the top of the ramp, getting up their courage. Even Mama Dolly gets into the action and runs up and down. Watch out kids!

No - Mama Dolly’s eyes aren’t red like that. But it is weird that only her eyes do that - none of the other bunnies get red eyes in pictures. SPOOKY!

Book Learnin' Bunnies!


Mama Mush and her babies took a field trip recently to a local school. Needless to say, baby bunnies and kids are a great mix of fun. A special event for the younger kids ended up drawing kids of all ages from the school.

We’ve got a few pictures of the event in Mama Mush’s gallery. Of course, Mama Mush may not have been pleased with all the attention, but the babies loved it!

Special Event - Saturday, May 23rd

We’re planning a special event on Saturday that you won’t want to miss! While we get ready, you may notice some strange happenings on the webcam. That’s okay - it’s just us testing connections, fiddling with wires, getting shocked, etc.

Keep watching the Twitter feed for updates on special programming as we test equipment. And come back here to BunniesforBabies for the news about Saturday’s event. Cross your fingers that all our testing goes well!!

Hey?! Where's the Hay?

One of our self-described, bunny-obsessed BunnyCam viewers is wondering where the heck the hay is? Check out Tamara from Seattle’s question and Mama Bonnie’s answer in our Comments section!

If you have a question or comment, just drop us a note using our comment form. Thanks!

New Photos and We Pass a Milestone!

We’ve got pictures! And the galleries are updated.

fuzzy1fuzzy2First, another one of our bunnies has a new home. The bunny’s name is Fuzzy, and her special friend is Veronica. The two of them look very happy together.

We also have pictures of the newest babies. Mama Dolly let us take a quick look.

We’ve noticed that Mama Mush’s babies really love their hollow log. They pile in, all five of them, and their little butts hang out. It’s the cutest thing. However, in the other habitat, Mama Circus Circus’ kids aren’t thrilled with the gnaw-able bridge. toenibblerWe don’t want them to miss out on the fun, so we’ve bought another log. We’ll put it in with the kids soon.

Finally, we passed a milestone this week. Along with our TOP 10 award from, our webcam feed has passed 5,000 viewers. Not bad, huh. We also pick up a few comments on and on Twitter now and then. And, don’t forget our videos on YouTube - head over to the video section to check those out. Thanks.

We Won an Award??? How Cool is That!

Got an e-mail today. Said we won. Sure. Probably spam. Clicked the link. Nope. No spam. We won.

We won?

We won! EarthCam picked us as a Top 10 Site! Can ya believe that? What an honor. Our site ranks with the site for the USS Intrepid, an aerial view of Varazze, Italy, a polar bear and others.

Top 10. Cool. Better not tell the bunnies about this... their agents already make a lot of demands. (ring ring) Uh oh.

New Video Up - Bunnies Relaxin'

We’ve put together a new video with the babies, just after their eyes opened. They have a new toy, a gnaw-able bridge that... they don’t use... yet. Still, it’s cute and it’s at YouTube - link link link.

An Attempted Getaway, Some New Toys, and Introducing Mama Dolly

Oh, we’ve had some issues this week with the cameras. But, things are working properly now.

And, just in time too. The babies are really hopping around now. In person, they are furry bullets shooting across, well, a few inches before they stumble, but they are fast. Today, Mama Bonnie, the caretaker of all the animals at Cabin Creek Acres, opened the habitat to do a little cleaning. (Our stars can be lil’ pigs.) In the few seconds the door was opened, three of Mama Mush’s kids made a break for it.bunniesatrest

While one was stopped at the door, a second side-stepped and hopped to his freedom. He squealed in delight, and then just squealed as Mama Bonnie caught him and put him back inside.

ZOOOOM! A third baby took advantage of the chaos and made a break for it. He hopped out the door, and ran behind Mama Bonnie. “There he is!” went Bunny Control. A few hops, quick dashes and a lucky grab ended this little ones adventure. Something tells us that this batch of bunnies will be the dickens.

Mama Mush and her babies have a new adventure toy, a gnaw-able hollow tree from PetSmart. Yummy - says Mama Mush.

circusbabesatrestMeanwhile, the babies with Mama Circus Circus seem calmer and happy to be hopping about the habitat. They also received a new toy - a gnaw-able bridge, also from PetSmart. They, and their Mama, have been hopping across this tiny bridge, which is odd to see when big-ol’ Mama Circus Circus romps across.

Finally, off camera, but nearby all this action is another mother and her 3 babies. (We previously reported only 3 babies, and the 4th was quite upset about that and let himself be heard - now there are 4, 4 baby bunnies. Ah ah ah! Nope, we counted again, and there are only 3. Stop moving, babies! We can’t count when you’re squirming like that.) mamadollyShe’s Mama Dolly, a silver-haird Lionhead bunny. Mama Dolly’s babes are about a week old, and just starting to get their fur. No pictures of the babies yet, but we’ve started a gallery for this bunch too. Unfortunately, we’re not able to put a camera in with Mama Dolly - we’re lucky that 2 USB cameras on the same PC work at this point.

Thanks for visiting our site! And tell your friends!

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