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Good Links!

We’ve started our Good Links page today. These are links of bunny and cute animal related sites.
We would love your suggestions for Good Links as well. We want funny, cute and kid friendly sites we can pass on to our viewers. Just go to the comments page and drop us a note!

Stupid Reason for Camera Failing is No Longer Stupid - Just Funny

We can finally admit to our stupid error that kept making the camera go dark. The new PC was fine. Ok, Vista isn’t that bad.
The camera was fine. It was the bunnies that did it.
The bunnies figured out how to close the shutter on the camera, so all we could see was the inside of the camera’s “eyelid.”
And, we thought it was us! At first, we thought it was accidental, but now we know that the bunnies did it, because they did it again last night.
We’ve taped the “eyelid” into place and the camera should stay up from now on.

And Then There Were Three... and Then Two, No, THREE More!

One of our bunnies left the nest today, for his new home. The bunny was dubbed “Rainbow Dash,” and his new family is on a farm and have experience raising bunnies.
Things are always hoppin’ on Cabin Creek Acres... in fact, there’s more news!
There are new additions to the family at Cabin Creek Acres, a white / silver Lionhead female, and a “parfait” color male. Both of these have double manes, which means they are extra fluffy. They were very happy to join the others in the bunny condos. We’re sure to have some pictures of them after they settle in. There’s also a new white bunny with pink eyes.

BunnyCam is On!

DON’T ASK what the problem was... it was just stupid. Please enjoy the bunnies! They enjoy the viewers!


We’ve upgraded the computer that runs the camera. We also made a change to the camera settings that has it run smoother, more like video. Please let us know what you think. We might need to adjust the lighting... hmmmm...
We might make a few other adjustments, or play around with a Flash Encoder (via Ustream) to make it even better, but the last time we tried the Encoder, bad, evil things happened and the camera stopped responding. The bunnies enjoy their time in the public eye, so we stopped “fooling around,” as they put it, and just started the darn thing.

Home Improvements

newset1 Last night, the casa de bunnies got a cleaning, and a little makeover - some decorative fencing, a new backdrop and a custom sylvilagus transitionalis phleum pratense retention receptacle (bunny shaped hay holder).

They really are enjoying their home’s new curb appeal. They’ve been very active today on camera.newset2

The bunnies are getting a warm preview of what it’ll be like in a few weeks when they move outside to the bunny-condos with some of the others on Cabin Creek Acres, including Mama Useless.

Speaking of Mama, Bunny Control has reports from the field that Mama Useless is enjoying her new surroundings with others her own age, and the time away from the kids.

No, Cabin Creek Acres is not in Florida, why do you ask?

Time Flies... When You're Wrong

Had to make a small adjustment to the Official Bunnies for Babies Big Event Maybe Countdown Clock, or OB4BBEMCC for short.
We’re still not talking about what the event may be. But, the very NATURE of the EVENT dictates that the OB4BBEMCC was off by almost a WEEK. Maybe.

Busy Busy Day!

It’s been a busy day at Cabin Creek Acres and Bunny Control.
Mama Useless is relaxing in her new abode. The young ones seem to be okay. Mama Bonnie, the caretaker of all at Cabin Creek Acres, has been making sure everyone is fed and happy.
Meanwhile, at Bunny Control, we’ve put together a Half Hour of Happy in the TV channel. Over 30 minutes of funny animal videos we’ve enjoyed from YouTube. Also, today’s video of the big move of Mama Useless, is available On-Demand.
Finally, we’ve put together a new wallpaper for your computer.
Yep - it’s been a busy one. Zzzzzzz....

Moving Day Videos!

Bunny Control has put the video of Mama Useless’ moving day on YouTube. Here’s the link:
Better yet, we have the video up on BunniesforBabies TV ON-DEMAND. Go to the TV channel, then choose On-Demand.
For a few days, the 7 minute video is also in rotation with our selection of funny animal videos. Enjoy!

Mama Useless has left the building

Mama Useless is off for some rest and relaxation, after spending such a long time cooped up with the kids.
Mama is getting some special food and attention. She joins others on Cabin Creek Acres in the bunny-condos.
We’ll just have to watch and see how the 4 bunnies cope being on their own.
That reminds Bunny Control of something... didn’t we name these guys?

MAMA LEAVING SATURDAY 11 AM Eastern (approx)

Big changes in store for the babies who aren’t babies anymore.
Mama Useless, who has watched over them since they were so small is moving out, leaving the bunnies on their own. How will the bunnies react to not having Mama watching over them 24 hours a day?!

The actual event may not be that dramatic - it’ll probably go something like this.
The bunnies start racing around their home, backing into a corner as a HAND appears on camera. The HAND reaches towards the bunnies, and they scatter about.
Another hand, TWO HANDS, reach out for Mama Useless as she hunkers down, maybe lets out a little growl. She does that.
The hands wrap around Mama Useless and lift her out. An uneasy feeling creeps over the bunnies as they realize Mama is no longer with them. How long will it take for them to realize they are on their own? What will they do?

Yeah, that’s probably how it’ll go. Stay tuned.


We’ve added a way for you to send comments to the site. Press the COMMENTS button, and send the bunnies a nice note.
You can also sign up to get updates by e-mail. “Ick, more spam” - you say. No, no spam, just occasional updates.

Big Event Coming Up???

A little birdie (or was it a stork?) tells Bunny Control that there may be new programming coming. Stay tuned!

We Cam't Stands No More

The moving camera has been removed. The bunnies (no longer babies) have decided it’s more fun as a toy. Did you see the move Shaolin Soccer? Not a pretty sight. (links to trailer on YouTube.)
Now, a camera up on the wall is watching over our furry friends.

Off - On - Off - On - Off - On Again

“So, what’s the deal with the camera?”
Glad you asked. Turns out the bunnies can be a little ram-bunk-shus from time to time. They knock the camera off its stand, then play soccer with it. Which would be cool to see, except, there’s NO CAMERA to CATCH IT! Bad bunnies. Bad.

Boogie Oogie Oogie...

The babies now have their own radio station on the website. The music should start right away. We’ve chosen a station that plays “kid safe” music, such as tunes from Sesame Street, Sponge Bob, classic kids songs and more.
So, turn up the speakers and maximize the video player, and your kids will have a blast!


Strike a pose! More pictures in the PHOTOS section!

Whirrrrr... Kachunck Kachunk...

The camera may be having some issues. Weeks of auto-tracking four bouncy bunnies has started to take its toll. It’s a Logitech. Not complaining too much here, it’s been through a lot. So, if the camera isn’t quite tracking as a ball of fur goes bounding by... now you know why.

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