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Moving Day for a Duck and Bunny

The cameras are off - for now. It’s getting COLD in the great Northeast these nights, and it was time to move the call duck “Joey” into the house at Cabin Creek Acres. Joey is named from the character “Joey” from “Friends.” That character had a duck of his own that would follow him around the apartment. Supposedly, Joey the call duck is the same way and will live in the house during the colder months.

That should be interesting. Will the duck occasionally dip into the shower? Or the tub? Only Mama Bonnie knows for sure. But we gotta see it if that happens.

Spencer the magical bunny is also moving inside and Mama Bonnie is going to see if these characters will live together in harmony. The Web Guy is supposed to head over one of these days to hook the cameras back up so we can see everything that happens. It certainly will be easier to keep the cameras rolling with them inside - outside kept having issues this summer.

Stay tuned - the cameras should be back up by the weekend.

A Bunny Gets a New Home

courtney and sparkles

Every once in a while, one of our little friends goes off to a new home. During the summer, a little girl stopped by Cabin Creek Acres in search of a friend. Courtney had once found a wild bunny and was very interested in raising one of her own. A few minutes with this fluffy silver-hair was all that was needed for the two of them to become the best of friends.

sparkles solo Off to a new home, our furry friend also got a name - Sparkles! In this picture, it looks like Sparkles has been hopping around in his shavings - it’s all over the place! We hear that Courtney and Sparkles are getting along wonderfully!

If you are interested in having a little bunny of your own, and you’re in the Saratoga Springs region of New York, drop us a note and we’ll see if one of our fuzzy pals is just right for you and your family. Remember - taking care of a bunny is a commitment. You need to clean up after them, feed them properly, give them room to hop around, and give them lots of love. If you can do that, we have a few bunnies that may be your next family member.

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