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Here are the Latest Updates about the Bunnies and our Web Site.

Picture Pages!

Little did we know that the bunnies got representation when we weren’t looking. After hopping off the set, our people talked to their people. It took some effort, and lots of carrots, but the babies are back on camera - and Hoppy to be here.
Our negotiations have given us rights to take some new photos and share them with you. We’ll put those photos in the PHOTOS area.
We’ve also made a new wallpaper for your desktop. Just click on the WALLPAPER button at the top of the page and enjoy.

Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome, come on in!

Hello to our visitors from around the world! According to Google Analytics, some fancy thing we really don’t know how to use yet, we’ve had viewers from Australia and the UK. Hi!!

New Home - New Scenery - New Food!

The babies, and Mama Useless, have moved into a more spacious home. A bunny-minium.
We’ve put the fancy camera in with them. This camera follows movement. Please, let us know what you think of the camera moving around. Would you prefer that we try to follow the action, or just let the camera sit still?

The babies get hungry without warning, and Mama Useless will suddenly get attacked by bunnies ready for their feeding. We caught them on camera the other night, it only lasted a few minutes, but was really funny. As they get older, they will start to try the bunny food, and the hay. Nom nom nom.

Moving Day! - Scheduled Outage

Since the babies are now hopping around, it’s time to move them into a bigger space.
We’ll be taking the camera down for a short time Wednesday, February 11, in the evening. It shouldn’t take too long to get them moved into their new digs.


Just added a new page featuring funny animal videos. Enjoy the show!

We're Twitterin' and Diggin' Now!

We just added Twitter to our site, so we can easily update you on events with the babies.
Also, we added a Digg button. If you like our site, you can Digg it. If you don’t know what that means, that’s okay. It’s all new to us too.

A Better Picture!

We’ve adjusted the camera, and it’s better than ever!
Remember, you can click on the picture to make it fullscreen.

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